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How I Started My Wax Melt Business

It was summer 2020 and we were currently in lockdown due to the pandemic and in true fashion I was bored and wanted a new hobby. I had always loved using wax melts but found that the shop brought ones smelt great in the packaging but once melted the scent wasn't great and the quality was bad. This lead me to investigate how to make my own wax melts.

It took months and months of research to find the best formula as well as best quality equipment and suppliers. I tested multiple waxes, multiple essential oils and fragrance oils from many suppliers. I spent hours on working out the pricing of all the supplies I would need and searching for where I could get the best deals for them. At this stage it was a hobby so I purchased a lot of equipment from Ebay and Facebook market place. Now many suppliers have wax melt making kits with everything you would need, my favourite kit and one of my best suppliers is the FizzyWhiz wax melt making kit.

Once I put my formula to the test and practiced a few times I was happy with how they turned out, I started gifting my wax melts to friends and family to see what they thought. They all loved them and encouraged me to start a business and sell them. I was a bit apprehensive as I wasn't sure they were as best as could be for selling to customers but again after further research I took the plunge.

Wax melt box selection
Our First Wax Melt Box

I started social media pages on Facebook and instagram, then Pinterest and TikTok, I was posting frequently as we was in lockdown and I wasn't at work or university due to the pandemic I had the time. We started gaining followers and momentum through word of mouth from friends and family and they would consistently share my social media pages on their social media pages and it took off. It was so exciting, not only did I have new ideas daily to try with a great following but the process of making wax melts became a therapeutic activity for me. I was most happy when making wax melts as I felt so relaxed and I enjoyed doing so. I would share behind the scenes footage and photos on my social media pages and started recording the packaging process.

However, what I will say is starting a wax melt business can make you money but not straight away. If done properly, it takes a lot of investment of time, research but also finances, especially if you are using good quality supplies. So if you want an inexpensive hobby then a starter kit like the FizzyWhiz one above is great and if you are thinking about a wax melt business but don't have the funds or courage to fully dive in yet again the kit above is a great starter that won't break the bank if you decide not to go ahead with your business.

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