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How to Videos

Welcome to our how to page, this page showcases videos and demonstrations on how to safely use our products. If you are still having difficulty using our products or would like to request a how to video, please head over to our contact us page and complete the online form.

Don't forget to tag us in your own videos on social media showing how you use our products!

Changing wax melt in a burner

This video will demonstrate how to remove old wax from your burner to start burning a new wax melt.

  1. Place a lit tea light inside your burner.

  2. Wait roughly 45 seconds to a min for the base of the old wax to soften.

  3. Using your thumb apply pressure and slide the disc out of the well.

  4. Using cotton wool or a microfibre cloth, wipe the burner well clean.

  5. Place new wax melt into burner.

Carpet Dust

This video will demonstrate how to use our Carpet and rug dust.

  1. Ensure no children and pets are in the room or on the floor.

  2. Sprinkle the dust over carpets and rugs.

  3. Leave for upto 30 mins.

  4. Hoover as normal

Hoover Discs

This video will demonstrate how to use our hoover discs in a Hetty hoover and a small cordless handheld vacuum.

  1. Open hoover to get access to the filter or hoover bag.

  2. Remove 1-2 discs from packaging.

  3. Place the disc either inside the hoover bag or behind the filter.

  4. Put hoover bag together and hoover as normal

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